Dollhaus II



APRIL 16TH -MAY 9TH 2021


Opening reception Friday April 16th, 2021 2-9pm (slow and steady opening for covid 19 precautions and crowd control).

The Paint Splatterer is an artist that simply likes to splatter paint. The large scale paintings were executed at the beginning of Covid in April 2020 and were worked on everyday until September 2020.

The work is disturbingly fun with weird like creatures popping out of a huge flesh like textures on the canvas with energetic quirky gums and teeth coming at you. There are 8 main paintings all 7FT by 5FT.

So, what is the artist communicating?

"I was terrified of dying, I was in shock and in active trauma. So many upsetting things happened that I thought I was not going to make it mentally or physically due to an underlying condition. I was alone and terrified. I started to spend hours just dripping the paint waiting for it to dry then turning the entire large canvas around then start the process again. DRIP DRIP DRIP DRIP. I think it kept me sane. It was monotonous and meditative. I was in a strange holding pattern and I couldn't stop. I couldn't think of anything to paint. I doubted myself as an artist of any significance to the world but mainly to myself. Then I started to realize that I might not die if I stay away from everyone, so for 4 months I locked myself in a studio and never left the studio! I wouldn't even open the doors or windows. Then something shifted and I started to come out of the horror and maintained and balanced a manageable level of post traumatic stress. I think my sense of humour surfaced again and the fear levels started dropping".

"It was a KERFUFFLE"

The paintings are not finished and the artist will be working on them throughout the three week show and the gallery will become the artists studio. The artist claims they have no idea what they are doing and where it is all going but they are not satisfied with them and plans to finish them by Sunday May 9th, 2021 when the show is over. The paintings in progress will go on the galleries website for people to see how they progess. Throughout the 3 week show people can bid on them and the paintings will go up on the Dollhaus II website for sale.