14 years on The Terrible Toy Fair IV returns.

The Dollhaus II Art Gallery presents the fourth exhibition of this wonderfully weird and unique Terrible Toy Fair. After 14 years of dead silence on the terrible whereabouts of these lost missed toys 'Dollhaus II' opens a new gallery in a new odd location and brings back this delightful horrifically beautiful group show with new and upcoming artists.  This is an alternative to the corporate toy fairs that are held across New York City in large venues and private toy rooms within the toy industry. While the toy industry focuses on the International Toy Fair in New York, an entirely different variety of toys are on display at Art Gallery Dollhaus II in Bayonne New Jersey,  "The Terrible Toy Fair IV", opens the first week of February a couple of weeks before The Javits convention center Toy Fair begins with the industries lavish three-day event. Unlike the familiar corporate manufactured toys, these toys are bizarre, deranged inventions that are not for children. This is the fourth incarnation of the Terrible Toy Fair, an art exhibit for adults that makes fun of the superficiality and unnaturalness of corporate produced toys.


Dollhaus artists have all been highly skilled, unique and usually talented unusual outsider artists and yet they retain a child like sense of playfulness to their work. The work is highly executed and skillful, always valuing technique as much as concept. The concept is simple all toys are modified, wholly made or destroyed. The idea of a toy-based show is a continuation of the theme of The Dollhaus Art gallery and all of its concepts and artists. The first fair was held at the original gallery The Dollhaus in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in 2003. It long outgrew the original space and moved into bigger venues where eventually the second fair was held at CBGB'S art gallery in 2004 with over 100 artists. Then growing even more popular a returning even bigger Terrible Toy Fair III at CBGB's again with over 140 artists. 


All Terrible Toys are for sale.


 “Remember a Dollhaus toy is ... ... ..., Unfortunately forever!”



















 MARCH 2020


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